Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jumping For Joy

I felt the baby move for the first time this past week. No doubt its been moving right along, but now that I can feel it I have entered that cool part of pregnancy that pretty much makes all the nuisances worth it. The ooginess, the fatigue, the headaches and the hunger-induced panic attacks (I must have food- NOW!) don't seem nearly as troublesome now that I've gotten some feedback from the wee one. Turns out the little dickens likes peanut butter cups as much as I do. I had made a late evening trek out to the nearest pharmacy to get something with chocolate in it. And no, I do not send my husband when I am having food cravings, though I know he would be kind enough to fetch me snacks. It's my feeling that if I'm going to gorge myself on chocolate, the least I can do is get off my butt, get it myself and burn some calories before I consume a few hundred more.

So I purchase some peanut butter cups (and a couple other things so it doesn't appear as though I'm just going to the store for candy) and then I'm back home, happily enjoying them on the couch with a cold glass of milk and as I'm resting between bites, taking some deep breaths (yes, I had exerted myself just getting them into my mouth as quickly as possible) when all of a sudden I feel a noticeable jump from within. Now a mini-jump, mind you, no pole vault, but it was also not that gentle "fluttering" you experience with a first baby. No, this child was clearly expressing its joy and great approval at my choice of the delicate co-mingling of chocolate and peanut butter. Yes, dear child, such wondrous beauty does exist on this strange world of ours. I felt the movement again shortly thereafter and now whenever I have a snack (especially if it's something sweet) and sit still, I can feel the "mom's got me hopped up on sugar" dance in my belly.

For those of you who haven't experienced this, you can get yourself some nice, spicy Mexican food, sit for a while and imagine it's a baby causing all that commotion. It's not quite the same, but if you have a few margaritas, you might be able to convince yourself of it for a brief while.

Oh, and please- have one for me, too. On the rocks with salt. Almost as good as peanut butter cups.

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