Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dirt Mobile

My car is always dirty. Sometimes inside, sometimes out. Often both. When I park it under the maple tree, the winged seeds land on my hood and windshield, leaving little, hard to remove stencils of themselves. Then when I park it on the other side of the driveway, the birds annoint it. And the inside? Well, when it comes to cleaning- the house or anything else- I have to pick my battles. I ask myself, who is likely to see this? How long will it take me to clean this? Will it become a health hazard if I don't clean it?

So when it comes to the car, I don't really sweat it. Not many people outside my immediate family ever see the interior, so I let a lot of things slide. You can generally find Cheerios in about every crevice, old sippy cups, books, an assortment of David's "geek" stuff, loose change and who knows what else. It's kind of like the fridge- the deeper I dig, the scarier it gets.

But the outside is pretty filthy and has been for a while, and whenever I drop a large chunk of change on the car, (new radiator...ugh) I feel compelled to give the old girl a good scrubbing. And it looks so nice when it's clean. I think. I can't really remember.

I keep trying to get the kids to go through the carwash with me, but thanks to an episode of "Calliou" they saw recently, they don't want to go to one. I don't know why we keeping watching that show. Every time we pass one on the street I point it out to the kids and say, "Hey! You guys want to go to the carwash?" and two seconds later they both shriek, "NOOOO!!!" and then I tell them how cool it will be and don't they remember the last time we went and how they thought it was really neat with all the soap and water and what not..."NOOOO!!!" they repeat. I believe they are convinced they will get wet during the process, even though I have assured them this will not happen. So today we'll be washing it at home, instead. I guess it's more cost effective this way and they can feel good about helping take care of the car.

And they will learn the hard truth that you are far more likely to get soaked washing a car yourself than you are taking it through the wash-o-matic.

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