Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Adventures With Imaginary Jackie

David has an imaginary friend named 'Jackie'. Jackie is a girl and she's an "animal rescuer". I suspect Jackie came from the TV show "Zoboomafoo", who is a real person (not a cartoon character) and is featured on the show sometimes. She writes letters to the Kratt brothers about animals she's come across on her travels. David thinks she's cool.

I'm new to the whole "imaginary friend" thing, and as I understand it, it's the smart kids who sometimes make up these invisible pals, not the average-at-best types like myself. And I'm not even certain this is a bona fide imaginary friend as she is really someone he has seen on TV, slightly modified to fit his ideal playmate. She is his age exactly, and apparently she lives in our house and sleeps in a sleeping bag next to his bed. Her favorite healthy food is corn an her favorite "treat" food is chocolate chip cookies. And David wants you all to know (he's standing behind me and knows I'm writing about her) that "We often rescue animals together."

So now we have to buy a minivan, not for the expected baby, but for Jackie, who needs to sit next to him while we're driving somewhere. I'm not allowed to put any toys or books on the seat where she is sitting. She doesn't like that.

I hope this isn't going to turn into one of these horror-movie scenarios in which we discover Jackie isn't really anyone's friend.

"Mommy, Jackie doesn't want you to brush my teeth anymore. She says cavities are a lie you made up."

"Now David, you know you have to brush your teeth to keep them healthy. Jackie isn't real and doesn't have teeth so she doesn't know about cavities."

"Oh, you've made Jackie angry, now, Mommy. She says you'd better be nice to her or ELSE."

"Oh? And what is Jackie going to do to me? Rescue me...from myself?"

(pause as David listens over his shoulder) Jackie doesn't appreciate your jokes, Mommy. Jackie says you better watch your back.

Well, I'm sure the little sweetie is harmless and I don't really expect any problems with this. I am curious to see where this goes and how far David will take the whole game. He is well aware he is "pretending" and has admitted that she is just imaginary. I'm sure there's no cause for alarm.

Oh, I've got to go. David just informed me that Jackie wants her lunch now.

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