Thursday, February 22, 2007

This one's for the ladies...

The heavily pregnant ladies, that is. A little ditty (to the tune of "Do Your Ears Hang Low?")I wrote, in our honor...

Does your belly hang low,
does it wobble to and fro?
Are you so horrified,
by how much more its going to grow?
Does it seem a giant boulder
that no one would dare climb over?
Does your belly hang low?

Does your belly hang wide,
as though it has multiplied?
Do you look in the mirror
and sometimes want to cry?
Is it hard just to sit up
even though you've tried and tried?
Does your belly hang wide?

Does your belly hang out,
does it make you scream and shout?
Is that a real maternity shirt?
(well, of that there is some doubt!)
Would you go shop for more clothes,
if you could only move about?
Does your belly hang out?

Thirty-four weeks and counting. Next to come, horrifying pictures!! Not for the weak of heart...

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