Thursday, January 04, 2007

And So It Begins

I'm not dead, nor have I gone missing. I haven't been blogging, but not for any reason other than I just don't seem to be making time for it. I'm not quite ready to do away with it altogether, but I am sloooowing down. I am hunkering down. Not so much for a long, cold winter (mostly because the thermometer here in NH suggests something other than winter) but for the last three months of my pregnancy. I feel like I am finally realizing that yes, another child is indeed on the way. She's coming, ready or not and suddenly I'm thinking, oh... I'm not ready.

But of course I am. Ready as I'll ever be, anyway. As ready as I was for one and two. But this time, instead of finding myself folding baby clothes and washing blankets, preparing all the baby "gear", I find myself installing new knobs on the kitchen cabinets and re-arranging furniture and pictures throughout the house. Wondering how long it would take me to build a storage bench for the living room.

I have no idea what I'm doing, but maybe I'm having a feng shui baby and this is how she would like me to prepare for her homecoming. Or maybe I've been reading too much "Real Simple". Maybe I'm avoiding getting ready all the baby stuff because I'm a born procrastinator and find putting things off as natural as breathing. They're all likely scenarios.

Anyway, all seven of you who read my blog can probably anticipate sporadic postings from me, and more pictures as I find less and less time to actually write. I imagine once the baby comes I will just redirect you to Ernesto's site, as he will most likely have frequent short posts and lots of baby footage. I will be the tired but happy one holding the little munchkin. Betting will begin in March as to what color hair this child will have and how many weeks will pass before we break down and buy a minivan. Not that we'll be going anywhere for a while.

So bear with me folks. I'm heading into the home stretch and the longest (and shortest) three months of this year. G'night!

Doh. I just realized no one is here to help me out of this stupid chair.

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