Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rescue Mama

I'm always trying to teach my kids to spot the silver lining on even the darkest clouds. Try to focus on the good of something instead of the bad. I have to work on this myself, often. It's a lot harder to start working on this an adult, so I thought I would give the kids a head start.

Lately David was playing with his new Ebay purchase of a used lot of Rescue Heroes. If you have kids who are or were into these, you know how precious this package was when it came. He's played with them non-stop for days. I've played with them non-stop for days. He also got a few brand new ones, courtesy of Valentine's Day money from both his Grandmas (thanks Moms!) which are even more special. We had to find a large, plastic bin to house them all. I asked that he take care of them by putting them back in the same container each day so they'd be organized and wouldn't get lost. I've been reminding him often that I need a lot of help picking up because I get tired quickly and can't do all the things I could before I was pregnant. Sometimes he seems bothered by my limitations (ie. not being able to carry him up the stairs at bedtime) but mostly he doesn't fuss much about it, and does what I ask of him.

Yesterday I caught he and his sister trying to drag the huge box from the playroom in the basement up the stairs to the living room. Sofia was pushing and he was pulling. They were managing, but clearly Sofia was going to end up buried in a rescue heroe avalanche.

"Woah! That's too heavy for you guys... Let me do that, " I say, taking the bin and carrying it up. When I set it down on the living room floor, I notice David quietly regarding me.

"What is it?" I ask him.

"At least you aren't too weak to carry up the box of rescue heroes!" An older child might have been sarcastic saying this, but he was genuinely happy for me.

"Yes. I'm not too weak for that." It gave me just the boost of confidence and strength to get me through the next seven weeks.

Way to spot the silver lining, little man.

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