Thursday, February 01, 2007

Where to Stop and Drop

So there isn't a whole lot new up with me. Had a very busy week with Ernesto gone on business and Sofia being very sick. I had all these plans to do fun things with the kids and everything had to be pushed aside so she could recover. We watched a lot of tv and read a lot of books instead and we got through it. It reminded me how I take my children's health for granted. When I pray, I always pray for their health, but I don't think about what it would be like for them to be really sick. Who wants to think about that?

I've had to call my midwife's office twice already this week for pregnancy-related issues. Each time the nurse asked, while looking for my chart, "is this your first pregnancy?". I'm sure they get a lot of these kinds of calls from first time moms. I am not at all the panicked, oh I need to call the doctor right now, type. In fact I avoid medical professionals as much as possible. I don't like having to go to my checkups as I feel like, hey, this is my third kid- couldn't I just come in when I'm in labor and we'll go from there? But this week has been an exception. One time I thought I was going blind and had read that pregnant women can often have eye problems, so I called just to make sure that was not the case. Then this morning I took advantage of Ernesto being home for a few hours and headed off to the grocery store for some much needed food. As I was driving over there a pain developed in my lower left side and would not go away. It was not a contraction as I am very familiar with that feeling, and it got worse as I drove. When I stopped in the parking lot I sat in the car for a while taking deep breaths, but nothing worked. I thought about just turning around right there and going home, but I'm kind of that stubborn, idiot type and thought, eh, it'll pass. I need food.

Somewhere in the juice aisle I got the swimming feeling I was about to pass out. I hadn't had anything to eat except for a few bites of peanut butter sandwich on the way over in the car. Usually that would suffice, but not today. So I wheeled my little squeaky cart over to a seat by the checkout registers and sat down. I guess I didn't look too good because many people stopped to ask if I was okay. A woman at the register got the store manager and he brought me a bottle of water and I ate a couple granola bars I had in my cart, just to get some sugar back in my system. I didn't feel nearly as woozy, but I still had the pain so I called E and he gave me my midwife's number and the nurse told me to go home and lie down and call her back in an hour. She was pretty certain it was round ligament pain. It usually doesn't last that long, at least not as intensely as this had, but it was in the right spot and the baby was very active so she didn't seem overly concerned. Again I got the, "Is this your first pregnancy?" query. "No, it's my third. Sorry, I'm having a bad week." True enough.

Anyway, I wanted to thank all the very kind people at the Stop & Shop supermarket who showed a lot of concern for my well-being. Clearly no one wanted to see a tall, heavily pregnant lady pass out near them. I think it would have been very scary for all concerned.

In other news, David has now contracted what I call the "rat-bug" and has managed to throw up everywhere except in a toilet or bucket. 6 AM found me mopping up a "mess" on the kitchen floor and misting the house with Lysol. Do I know how to party or what??

So hopefully Ernesto and I will be spared from this infection, though at this point, lying down with a sickness might mean someone would take care of me and I could finally get some rest. It's really not sounding all that bad. Bleah.

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