Thursday, October 26, 2006

What Is Sexy?

I was checking my email this morning and MSN alerted me to one of its ever important news bulletins, this one being that Scarlett Johansson has recently been named "Sexiest Woman Alive", not to be confused of course with the "Sexiest Dead Lady" competition.

Now, every time I hear about one of these contests I can't help but think, how do they know? How do they know that this is the sexiest person on the planet at this time? Was their photo circulated throughout the world and everyone 18 and over got to vote? Is it not possible there is a young woman living in Nambia that could blow the socks off Johansson, or any other "sexiest" prize winner, but because she lives in a remote village and has little wealth or fame, just doesn't make it into the top five? So you say, now Kristen, don't be silly. We can't really know who the sexiest person is if we can't know all the people in the world. We can only judge by the famous faces that have made their way onto film or the tv. Okay, so you're right, and that's my point exactly. Since the criteria for winning the contest is restricted to the uber-famous, then let's make a point of that. Let's call it the "World's sexiest man/woman that is famous in Western society who most likely has a personal trainer and makeup artist at their beck and call, thereby assisting with their overall sexiness" contest.

So then I got thinking, well what is 'sexy', anyway? It's roughly defined as "arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest". Okay, so then what is sexy to you might not be sexy to me. I cannot argue that the people they generally pick for these "world's sexiest" competitions are very attractive, because they generally are. They usually possess those physical characteristics that will appeal to most who see them- a nice sense of symmetry of the face and body, good skin, "soulful" eyes, not much hair sticking out of the nose or ears- those sorts of attributes.

But sexiness is way more than that, and it's way more individual than that. It's more than a bunch of body parts put together in just the right way. Sometimes it can be an attitude, a self-assuredness that is appealing, a tilt of the head, a laugh, a hat worn just the right way, a crooked smile, nice fitting pajamas or really well-manicured toes. And what you find sexy one day, may not seem so much the next.

So keeping in mind my blog is rated PG, what is it that you find sexy?

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