Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So Much For That

I made a really sad discovery last night. I was looking up baby names, as we haven't really firmed any up, yet, though I was heavily, heavily leaning toward a particular girl's name. It was perfect because it was unusual, without sounding made up, it had a cool meaning and I didn't know a single soul in the world with this name.

Then I looked it up online and found that there is someone associated with this name and um, well, she makes the kinds of films that you don't want your kids to ever see. Ewww. I shouldn't let something like that bother me, but there are many different reasons we choose the names we do for our kids, and even more reasons we dismiss countless others. You know what I'm talking about:

Nope, can't do that was my ex-boyfriend's name.
Nope, can't do that one... the other kids will rhyme it with "Reefer".
Nope, I had a mean great aunt with that name. It's a pretty name, but she was really mean!
Nope, don't like that. The first letter is the same as our last name.
Nope, that's that actress you've always had a crush on. You're not fooling anyone.

Honestly, it's amazing people are ever able to agree. But then one of you comes up with the perfect name and you look at each other, nodding, "hey...yeah, that works. I really like that."

Well, at least until you find out it's the same name as some creepy porn star. Oh well.

I'm open for some new suggestions, people.

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