Thursday, October 18, 2007

Top Ten Reasons I Haven't Been Blogging

They may be lame, but they're my best excuses for not getting around to posting anything. And the only reason I posted this was because I've been up since 5AM and there's no one hear right now to say, mommymommymommymommymommy...

You get the idea.

#10: I've got very little 'hands free' time with the baby trying to roll around the floor, putting into her mouth any small object that she could possibly choke on.

#9: Plenty to write about, not enough brain power to translate it into cohesive sentences. The number of brain cells lost rises exponentially with each child I give birth to, so let's see that's three, you do the math because I can't.

#8: We're homeschooling now. My house looks like it got hit with the Kindergarten stick. If I have any more children, people will begin to assume I've begun a daycare program within my home.

#7: I accidentally just numbered this line "#10". Clearly I need more time to sleep, not blog.

#6: My wonderful husband always beats me to the computer.

#5: My wonderful husband also challenged me to a "write off". We are working on short fiction pieces separately and then getting together to review and critique them. He's been published, I haven't. Need I say more?

#4: I keep forgetting, where, to place, the, commas. He,lp!

#3: I am so smitten with "BBC America" I am having a hard time keeping away.

#2: The cats always sit in the office and stare at me while I write. Creepy.

AND #1: The baby is up from her nap...again. Gotta run!!

Stay tuned for the "top ten reasons I need regular chocolate intake to survive" and "top ten reasons no one reads my blog anymore".

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