Friday, August 31, 2007

The week in review

Why, Hello!
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We're recovering from a rough day yesterday. Sofia's face met with our side table as she jumped off the couch in kangaroo like fashion and now she's got three serious punctures in her lower lip, courtesy of three of her top teeth. Her gums and lip are swollen and she's talking a bit funny, but no teeth are loose and she is in very good spirits despite the trauma. After talking with the doctor's office we all determined there wasn't a whole lot anyone could do and that ice, ibuprofen and a little time should heal this wound. Meanwhile I'm feeling lousy for having been out of the room when it happened because maybe I could have prevented it.

When she's not doing aerial acrobatics, Sofia is coloring up a storm and filling every book and piece of blank paper that she comes across. She's also decorated the walls of her bedroom and a few areas on the carpet. I guess a true artist's canvas can be found anywhere.

David is into math more and more. He is working on counting to a trillion and so far has made it to 700. His reading is also coming along very well and I am no longer able to spell words out loud in secret code to Ernesto because David usually can tell what I'm saying. I guess now I have to brush up on my Spanish.

And Isobel, dear sweet little baby is just full of smiles and happiness. I think perhaps she is just laughing at the rest of us. I don't blame her in the least.

Happy Friday! (and long weekend for some of us!)

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