Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The kids are alright...sort of.

I've been taking note of some of the conversations heard around the house over the last week or so. The kids and I have spent entirely too much time in close quarters as Sofia has been sick and we are starting to make each other crazy. So when I am not parenting, teaching, playing nurse, cleaning, cuddling, coloring, organizing or generally trying to keep things together, I am taking notes so I may someday be a famous writer. Here are just a few quotes from the week...

"I'm pretending to be a teenager. (long pause) I have empty soda cans in my room."
"Oh, she spit up on your pants, too, mommy!"
(whining) "Why do we have to eat tacos EVERY night?"
"It's a poop fest!!"
"Why don't you ever let us watch a show...not for like, 100 days?"
"So, what are you, like 84 years old?"
"Just feed that baby so she stops crying!"
(crying) "My eyebrows hurt!"
"I'm only five but I have the skills of a seven year old."
"Oh, yes, brush your teeth. You have baby dragon breath."
"How come every time I come looking for you you're always in the office?"
"Stop that, David. Stop it. Stop that!! Mommy!!"
"Why do you keep sighing like that, mommy?"
I know what you're thinking. I've got a lot more to endure before I can become a famous writer.

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