Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Evening Out

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and Ernesto and I got a much needed dinner out last night as my good friend Annette watched the kids. That's right, all three of them. As hard as it is to leave the baby at this tender age, even for a few hours, it did me good and today I feel so relaxed. It reminded me of how important it is to do this every once in a while and that we don't do it often enough. I remember reading somewhere that couples with small children should get out alone at least once every couple of weeks and I just laughed. That very well may be what we all need but it is entirely unrealistic for those of us without live-in nannies.

The bonus though, of getting out so infrequently is that we really enjoy ourselves when we do. We don't take it for granted and we do it up right. We went to the nicest restaurant we could afford (without taking out a small loan) and we got dressed up and indulged in a fantastic, liesurely meal. It was weird having both my hands free while eating, because there is usually a small child occupying at least one of them during meal time.

As usual though, our converstion eventually turned to the kids, as it always seems to. Ironic, since we often try to have in-depth discussions about other things when the kids are running around, but of course we never get to finish them. Then here we are alone and we just talk about them. I'm just glad that after eight years of marriage (and 11 years together) we still have lively conversations.

So if someone offers to watch the kiddos for you today, take them up on it! It will do you good.

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