Saturday, October 20, 2007

I get my hot gossip at McDonald's

When a large woman with a neck tat that reads "Big John" tells you something, you'd better believe it.

The kids and I picked up some fast food on Thursday and I was paying at the first drive-thru window when I noticed a lot of activity on a side street off the road I had just driven down. There was some young man sitting on a folding chair at the end of the street looking unsure of himself. He was fidgeting and alternately sitting and standing while looking around. There were big trucks and white tents set up on the street and a man pointing all around while a crowd gathered around him.

The aforementioned woman saw me staring and said, "They're doin' an 'Extreme Makeover'."
"No way!" I said.
"Uh huh."
"No way!" I repeated, I'm not sure why.
"Yup." She nodded once and said, "You pick up your receipt at the next window."
"Oh. I didn't know." I don't do the drive-thrus very often.

And then I pulled up and realized the man with the gaggle of people around him was none other than Ty Pennington. It was as if you could see the aura of enthusiasm spilling off him and leaking into the street.

So if you're a fan, you may come visit and check out the scene for yourself. If you bring chocolate and feel like doing some laundry, you can even stay at my house.

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