Monday, August 06, 2007

Now We Know Why Elmo Talks So Funny- Lead Poisoning

Thank you so much Fisher-Price, for instilling yet more fearful thoughts into the impressionable minds of my children. Now my child would rather bleed all over the place rather than accept a Dora brand Band-Aid, worrying that it might contain traces of lead.

Now here's a puzzler: Even if the toys your children have are on the list of recent recalls, but were purchased prior to those sold containing lead (and therefore supposedly safe) do you really want to keep them? Because if Fisher-Price put these others on the market and didn't know they contained lead, how do I know the others are safe, or any of them for that matter? I'm not an overly suspicious person, but I find that a little troubling. I mean, let's see here...what's the one thing that would be really dangerous to put on a child's toys besides sharp little knives...Oh YES! Lead paint! It's bright, colorful AND delicious!

I guess they thought they would save a lot of money by outsourcing to China, but it looks like this little incident will end up costing them a small fortune.

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