Thursday, March 22, 2007

Random Bits

Highlights (and lowlights) from this past week so far:

*Woke up from a deep sleep, thinking I was going into labor around 2:30 am, early Tuesday. Was able to fall back to sleep after about an hour of futzing around the house and playing on the computer. Woke up again a few hours later, and was no longer convinced I was in labor. Of course now the household and other concerned parties are on "high alert" and this finally forced me to get that last minute stuff wrapped up. Hmmm, most of it, anyway.

*The kids have invented a new Rescue Hero by the name of "Braxton Hicks". Apparently his special talent is putting out fires. You'd think it would be inciting pregnant woman to fits of violence, but whatever.

*I am apparently entering the "highly emotional" phase of my last trimester. I've been giving the evil eye to anyone who stares at my bump for more than three seconds. And I have absolutely no patience at the post office. Oh wait, that's not new.

*Yesterday Sofia put on a big show of being pregnant "just like mommy". It was both horrifying and hilariously cute at the same time. I got it all on video. She had a quick delivery and gave birth to a small black and white kitty. Needless to say we are all bursting with love and pride over the new addition to our family.

And for those who have been asking, I will post a photo before the end of the week. Maybe the sheer horror of seeing myself online like that will help to induce labor.


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