Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fire, Glorious Fire!

All the work has been completed on the chimney and the flues and we are now enjoying a new wood stove insert in the basement instead of an open hearth. We were initially disappointed with the chimney guys told us that they wouldn't be able to fit the right kind of flue for this fireplace due to the size limitations of our chimney, which wasn't built correctly for this number of flues and would have posed another safety issue. Instead they said they could get it set up for a wood stove insert and recommended a place where we could buy one now if we wanted. Once we began looking into it we realized that this was a most fortunate turn of events because so much more heat would be generated by this baby. And I have to say, since we got this I have definitely become a "basement dweller". This insert heats the entire basement quite easily and raises the temp on the first floor by at least a few degrees when we leave the door open. The kids and I are down here all the time now and they've got their art supplies and toys in one half and we've got the instruments in the other. This picture is the view I have from my throne at the drum kit.

Now all we need is a bar and a foosball table and we'd be golden.

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