Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hissss!! It's Halloween!

Originally uploaded by Ernesto and Kristen Burden.
Halloween came early to our fair city this year. Trick-or-Treating takes place the Sunday prior to the actually holiday, and they have it in the afternoon since it's a bit safer and a little less scary for the wee ones. I was initially disappointed by this. As a child we always went at night on Halloween, and we always had a blast. But this was a lot more fun for my kids. Even the scariest decorations didn't seem quite so ominous in the light of day, but the blustery wind with mini cyclones of red and gold leaves whirling all around put us in the mood for the task at hand.

We met more neighbors, got to see some elaborate, spooky displays, including these animatronic zombie-like torsos that when placed on the walkway, would drag themselves along by their bony arms. Very creepy. David was having none of that. He waited patiently while the home owner was kind enough to bring the candy out to him. Sofia just stepped around it and made her way up the porch, no more disturbed than as if she had spotted a large, hairy spider on the ground. She was all about the candy. A girl after my own gullet.

Hope all your Halloween adventures are as sweet as ours were!! Cheers!

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