Sunday, September 03, 2006

Still Goofy After All These Years

I'm anxious to get to the Niagara pictures, and the ones from our time in Ohio, but it will be a little work and this has turned into a busy weekend. Instead I have posted this picture, which I found today while searching for some other photos that I was planning to frame. This shot was taken some 23 years ago (give or take a year) on my birthday. Tomorrow marks another year on this earth for me, and while it's unlikely I'll be as enthusiastic about this one as I was for my tenth, I'm sure it will a good time nonetheless. I also won't likely be wearing a decorative shoelace in my hair, but hey, you never know what I may do.

The thing that is especially cool about this photo is that pictured on the left is my cousin Mike, who was my very good buddy growing up. He recently found me through my blog and we've since been catching up. So it was very strange that I should happen across this, the only picture I think I have here in my house with him in it. Okay, so I was going through EVERY photo album and box in my house, so it's not really that weird that I should have found it. But still very cool.

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