Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How To Spend Your Anniversary

August 28, 1999. These two crazy kids tied the knot. Every year since that day, they find a new and different way to celebrate their anniversary. This year would not be any different. They spend their special day driving for 12+ hours from Ohio to New Hampshire. They dine on the finest rest area food, such as McDonald's crispy chicken and bacon sandwich with ranch dressing. 25 times they find themselves turning around in their seats, saying with the utmost calm, "No, we're not in New Hampshire yet. We won't be there for a long time. Please stop kicking the back of my seat." Their timing is impeccable when they stop the car just as both children desperately need to use the bathroom. They take an hour to drive three miles during rush-hour in Hartford, CT. Sometimes it's good to take things slowly. They don't get even a bit grossed out as they clean up after their car-sick son. Twenty-two baby wipes can do amazing things and cars can always be detailed.

Yep, these two have seen a lot in their seven years as husband and wife. They are wild and unpredictable. Who knows what they will do on their twentieth.

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