Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What's Green And Yellow All Over And Way Out Of My Budget?

No, I haven't been kidnapped. I just took a vacation from my blog. Unintentionally, but I'm refreshed now that I've had a break from it. That doesn't mean I have lots of good stories to tell, though. Normally I would just post some pictures if I'm too busy to write anything, but the camera is on the fritz. Yes, another camera gone to meet its maker- for real, I'm sending it out from whence it came to be repaired. No doubt they will say it will "cost more to fix it than it's worth and I should just buy a new one." When are they going to be able to make a digital camera that can be dropped repeatedly by a three year old and still function? Are you telling me they don't have the technology to do that?? Yee-gads.

But I digress.

So I brought the kids by Lowes today on the way to Target. While Target is fun for me, Lowes is far more interesting for the kids and the two stores are right next door to each other, so we headed to the greenhouse to see what sort of plants they had. Ernesto and I have been thinking about planting some trees around the edge of the yard and I wanted to see what kind of cabbage we would have to spend to get the effect we're looking for. I like it because I stand around daydreaming about what I would do if I had very deep pockets and the kids like to look at the fake ducks in the water fountain/pond display near the perrenials. They just think that's the best thing ever. David wants us to buy one. If we stocked it with trout, I'm sure we could get Ernesto to go along with it.

As we enter the gates and go past the cashiers, David tightens his grip on my hand and sucks in his breath with a great, high-pitched wheeze, then lets it out and shrieks, "IT'S A JOHN DEERE!!!!"

David is big into John Deere. Ever since I bought him this little kiddie John Deere cell phone that came with a set of keys and a little beeper. He's fascinated with the color scheme, and as he said tonight before bed, "I love John Deere because 'J' is my favorite letter." As good a reason as any, I think.

Anyway, he lets go of my hand and so does Sofi and they both run over to the lawnmower and I'm trying to keep up with them so they don't beat me to it and start climbing all over it. I don't know if Lowe's has a "you break, you buy it" policy but I'm not about to find out.

David stands in awe before it for a few moments, eyes slightly glazed.
"Can I sit on it?" He asks hopefully, eyeing the gear shift.
"Better not, hon. Let's just look, okay?" I'm sure this thing is a little sturdier than my digital camera, but again, I cannot afford to find out.

Sofia is staring at it too, then smiles broadly puts her face right up to the jumping deer emblem in front and exhales all over it, fogging up the shiny green paint with her breath.
"Nothing runs like a Deere!" She exclaims.

I am in fits, laughing and I look around to see who else is laughing and realize there isn't anyone else there. What a moment and no one else saw it. Oh well.

I guess everyone will see her when she's 25 and working as a John Deere spokesperson. I hope she'll get a company discount.

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