Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We're Back

Rolled in last night at a little after 9 after a very long, but not bad day of driving with the kids. We've been on vacation, visiting my sister, her husband and their kids out in Ohio. On our way out there we stopped in Niagara Falls for a couple days and had a great time checking out the falls, getting sprayed in the face by them (literally), checking out Canada (mine and the kids' first visit, ever!) which is lovely and a lot of fun. Then on to Ohio for three more days to check out my sister's super cool log cabin home in the country, (I have never been in a log cabin, either) to visit Cleveland, (which is considerably easier to navigate than Boston, but then so is the map of the lost city of Atlantis) and check out their science center which has a fantastic kid's play area on the top level. All five kids were all amazing during this trip. They got along so well, and except for feeding them, changing the occasional diaper, brushing teeth, they needed hardly a bit of attention from us adults, leaving us time to catch up and hang out.

Needless to say we've got LOTS of pictures to upload and many stories to tell. But there's also lots of laundry to do so we'll get our priorities in line.

So blogging first, laundry second. That sounds right.

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