Monday, July 24, 2006

Ode To "Little Fatty"

the following is my creative expression for the roly-poly little woodchuck that used to eat all the flowers in my back yard. You need not tell me what a lousy poet I am. I am all too aware.

Little Fatty, Little Fatty,
Oh what have you done?
You've eaten my daisies,
and now I have none.

The sunflower plants
I had sown with great care,
you chomped and you chewed
'till the stems were left bare.

You were my great foe,
many battles we fought,
but I've not seen you this week-
I guess you got caught.

Did you eat someone's tomatoes?
Did you push them too far?
Were you tempted by beans?
Were you hit by a car?

I might even miss you,
despite all you've done,
but if I find you in my yard again,
pick your fat butt up...and run.

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