Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Partridges We Are Not

Well, we finally did it. We bought the drum kit that Ernesto and I have wanted for some time now. I know what you're thinking, crazy parents, having a drum set around kids...oh the noise, noise, noise, noise ...(sorry, we've been reading 'The Grinch' a lot lately). See, if you knew the kind of noise we already make, you wouldn't be thinking that. Ernesto plays guitar. He has an acoustic and an electric. He also plays piano. I don't play an instrument, yet, but I've always wanted to have a drum set because I do have a pretty good sense of rhythm and the beauty of the drums for someone like me is no chords to learn, no sheet music to follow. It would still take a great deal of practice for me to get even pretty good, but I think it is managable. And I just love to hit those things. It is so much fun.

We can also be found singing, especially Ernesto. When I sing, Sofia often tells me to stop. David used to do that, mostly I think because it meant I wasn't paying attention to him. Or I'm tone deaf and just don't know it. But when they are both in the right mood we can have everybody playing or singing something. No matter which song we are working on at the moment, Sofia will most likely sing "Twinkle, Twinkle", or rather "Tinkle, Tinkle". She's really good, though. She hits all the notes and when she gets up to the piano bench she's like a young Tori Amos, writhing around with her red hair going every which way. Except with more joy and less angst.

And David has a gift for remembering lyrics, making up musical rhymes and strumming the guitar. It's very strange to pass by the playroom and hear him working on a puzzle, singing to himself: "Old man, look at my life...I'm a lot like you were..."

So it looks like they've acquired the music bug. I hope it's as infectious as they say it is...

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