Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Picture This

David has taken to photography the way chocolate takes to peanut butter. Just a real nice combo. He's very serious about it. He lines up his shots carefully, holds the camera still and comes to show me every picture he's taken and says what he likes about each one. He always wants to use our new digital camera, even though I've let him take over the old one, (the first one we ever bought that's in pretty rough shape, but it will still take a grainy pic) and he sneaks off with it when I'm not looking. I put it up somewhere high (and I'm 6', so I mean high) but he'll scale any surface to find it. He's a little rock climber in training. We had a talk about this, and he has now resigned himself to the "old" camera, but he got in a few shots before he gave the new one back. Here is an exhibit of his nearly four year old self's perspective, at least as of last Thursday.
My personal favorite is "Still Life With Foot".

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