Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Primary teeth

Isobel celebrated her very first NH primary election by cutting her very first tooth. What amazing timing she has. See, even at 9 mos. she has a wicked keen sense of humor.

David and Sofia marked the occasion by having their own mock election here at home. Sofia circled two names on her ballot so I guess her vote would have been thrown out if it weren't for the fact that I'm her mom and I get to make up the election rules. "Everybody's a winner!" I declared since all three of us had voted for different candidates. And I allowed them to vote in both the Republican and Democratic races, but like I said, I make the rules here!

I took David with me to the polls last night and he got to experience standing in line for fifteen minutes. "See? Isn't voting fun?" I asked him. He rolled his eyes. He did like putting the ballot in the electronic ballot sucker. He wanted to know what that other, even longer line was for.

"Those are the people who haven't registered yet."
"Why didn't they register yet?"
"Maybe they thought it would be fun to wait in line, too."

Anyway, easily the biggest turnout I have ever seen. Glad to see people getting out there to vote, cutting their Primary teeth.

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