Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December break down

Seems like lately things have been falling apart on me. It's funny, but I had a dream in which a broke a big mirror and someone reminded me that was bad luck, and since everything I touch seems to fall apart. Of course I also dreamed I was a martial arts expert and could beat up bad guys with a flick of my wrist. So needless to say my dreams don't usually come true.

So first the lights on the tree stopped working and I had to replace them. Now half of the lights on the new strand are out as well. Do you think I'll replace these as well? Hell no! If the tree wants to be all moody like that it's fine with me.

Then my windshield wiper broke. No big deal.

Now the washing machine is broken. REALLY broken. Broken to the point of "it will cost over $400 to fix this" broken. And I got to shell out seventy bucks for the privilege of having a surly man tell me that. But hey, when it gets too cold outside for the kids to play in the snow they can just sled down the growing mountain of laundry in my basement. It's soft and warm, if not a little covered in baby spittle. See, I can always find the silver lining, I just have to dig down really deep.

On a much brighter note, my mom came to visit and cooked us a fabulous meal as she always does upon arrival and then the next night Ernesto and I got to go out for another fabulous meal while she watched the kiddos. A couple glasses of wine and some foie gras can really help you forget about all the dirty laundry you'll have to do on Christmas Eve.

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