Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little geeks in the making

I have implemented a daily ritual since beginning homeschooling with the kids and that's our "word of the day". Every day I either think up, or look up a word that the kids wouldn't necessarily learn through day to day life. Some of the words are useful and some are less so. Some are hard to pronounce and they aren't likely to remember them, even though I try and find ways to use the word throughout the day. I'm just trying to give them some idea of how immense the English language is. How you could study a new word everyday and still not learn them all.

I was wondering yesterday if it was a silly thing for me to be doing, but then I overheard Sofia say to Isobel's lullaby Glow Worm toy, "You're just a somniferous little bed time toy, aren't you little guy?" and she had him respond in her best Glow Worm voice (which is similar to a Gremlin's) "I sure am!!"

Well I'll be.

It's not that my preschooler is using the word "somniferous" in a sentence. It's the pure shock of learning that once in a while my kids actually listen to me.

Prodigious, isn't it?

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