Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tough day at work

Today was rough.

It started out rough, was tough through the middle and didn't get any easier by the end. Most of my days with the kids have highs and lows throughout, but it's been a while since the whole day was just off.

Well, I take that back. We received "The Sword in the Stone" through Netflix today and the kids really enjoyed it. I don't remember ever seeing the whole thing, though parts of it were familiar so I most likely had seen it with my nephews when they were little. As David pointed out, though, it really should be called "The Wacky Adventures of Little Arthur and Merlin" because they mostly just romp around in various animal forms throughout the film and little Arthur doesn't yank old Excalibur until the end of the film. It was cute though, and held Sofia's attention and she's pretty critical of TV and movies in general.

But the rest of the day was like the world was whirling all around me and I was trying to run through molasses. I couldn't keep up with anything, couldn't motivate, couldn't keep my train of thought for more than a minute. Isobel is up frequently during the night and she is only napping in 15-20 minute sessions. Also, she has learned to crawl, stand and climb up a couple stairs, all in the last week, so her little baby world has exploded and no doubt she is going through quite a time. She also won't lie still to let me change her diaper or clothes, so she and I have little patience for one another right now. Despite this difficult stage I am just as smitten as ever with her, so I don't know why I am even complaining about it. With David and Sofia I was always so anxious for them to reach that next developmental stage but I would like Isobel to slow down, even go back a few paces if she could. Not because I don't want to see her grow and change, but because I feel like time slips by too quickly and I can't savor these days enough.

Well, not this day, though. This day can kiss my big butt. I'm glad it's almost over. I'm happy we all got through it, but I'm happy to put it to bed. I'm hoping to wake with renewed energy and enthusiasm and a positive outlook on the day.

Okay, I'll just be happy if I don't get more than six ounces of spit-up on me and that I get to use the bathroom by myself, just once. That would be a really swell day.

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