Friday, January 04, 2008

A ruckus of a caucus

I enjoyed watching the Iowa caucus coverage last night and I actually feel like there could be some presidential-worthy candidates in the race. Imagine that!

But in the past months with all this talk about rebuilding our great nation, bringing an end to division, starting on a new path, not one, not ONE candidate has tackled the real issues that matter most to me. They all claim that if they are elected president they will make a real effort to meet the needs of all the "ordinary" people. And on no occasion have I heard one of them make mention of these crucial issues, that will for me, at least, either seal or kill the deal. Here's what I'm talking about:

* Who among these candidates is willing to get up at 4 in the morning each day and change my baby's leaky diaper? I have thus far heard no mention of how each of them intend to tackle this on-going issue. What a mess.

*Who is going to baby-proof this house? If I cannot have secure borders within my own home and the baby is able to just sneak on up the stairs without anyone taking any notice at all, well, I just don't know what that says about our government. Unbelievable.

*What about the budget?? I mean, have you seen my grocery bill lately? Completely out of control! Who, tell me WHO is supposed to pay for all this cheese???

*Oil prices are completely out of control. I want whomever is elected president to personally come and lug in and chop up all this firewood because I am NOT turning up that thermostat, do you hear me? I'm tired of having to wear a sweater all the time!!

*Lastly, this next president needs to help create better paying jobs. This is ridiculous. I've been in this position almost six years now and I have not seen a single paycheck. How am I supposed to live like this??

For all their talk and promise making, I just don't know how these issues have yet to be addressed. Now the race is on here in NH and the next time one of these campaigners drops by the house, which could be any minute now, I'm going to give them what-for.

And probably a cookie.

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