Monday, November 05, 2007

Time takes a step back

This time change is always a hassle for me and the kids. It messes up bedtimes and nap times and mostly it requires me to change a lot of clocks in the house which doesn't help either. I had gotten around to changing the clock on the microwave but didn't bother with the one on the wall of the kitchen because the battery is dying and won't tell the right time no matter how you set it. It has a pendulum which will stop and start on its own as well. Okay, so maybe it's a haunted clock, but I'm getting off topic. Anyway, I didn't reset the two, yes two clocks we have in the bedroom. One I really only bought because it had a white noise machine built into it and it was on sale. I already had an alarm clock in the room.

This morning the baby was up way too early. She's had a cold and once she gets all snorfely she can't get back to sleep, even if it's only 4:45 in the morning. Why should she care what time it is? So I'm up before 5 and then Ernesto gets up shortly after 6. I wonder why he's up so early, but I figure it's because of the time change and don't bother to ask. After about a half hour or so he says he'd better get ready for work. Then he looks at the clock on the microwave and says, "Is that the real time?"
"Yeah, I already set that one back."
He chuckles. "Oh, I thought the ones in the bedroom were right."
"Oh, no. I haven't set those ones yet."

Why on earth would I set the clocks in the bedroom at the correct time when clearly the microwave is the hub of the household? Hasn't he found a pattern in all my random madness yet? There's got to be one there somewhere right??

Perhaps he just now knows I should not be in charge of the clocks. I think I will stick to making sandwiches.

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