Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blogger hates me and other news

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I can't login to my Blogger account for some reason so I can only post via Flickr which means I have to include a picture with every post. Perhaps it's time to bring ole Milkweed Hill elsewhere...

So we watched "28 Days Later" (or is it weeks?) last night and it was very good and very unsettling. Not much creeps me out in the horror genre anymore but stories of widespread infection are always disturbing. Anyway, that combined with Halloween, and a restless night of sleep left with me with memories of creepy dreams all night long. First there were the "rage" dreams and running away from infected people and then I had really strange dreams about our old realtor who came over to our house to make us sausage, egg and biscuit sandwiches. Also she had seven or so kids, which I don't recall being the case with her. And we lived in a house with a really nice basement and then I wake up...and I'm infected. In fact we're ALL infected.

With colds.

And my basement's not really that cool.
And Blogger still hates me.
And my kids are still doing that thumbs up thing every time we take a picture of them.
And we're probably having tuna casserole tonight. Sorry kids.

Hope your Halloween aftermath is not as frightening as ours.

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