Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mommy slips up

I am still adjusting to life with two pre-schoolers and a baby. Some days it's as though I am in complete and total control of everything. You know, in a good way, not a crazy, domineering momzilla kind of way. It's as if there's this natural ebb and flow and all the stars are aligned and so on and so forth. This morning has been like that. Baby is napping well, already got dishwasher emptied, trash is out, kids are dressed and working independently. Heck, I'm even showered! But I know it will pass. It is, as they say, "too good to last".

The other day I got the three kids all ready to go to Target. I had a bunch of different things I needed and knew I could get them all there so I thought a one-stop shopping trip would be manageable. It took a while, but I got everyone ready and had to feed Isobel a couple times before we could leave, but by the time we got to the store she was sleeping soundly, eased her into the Snugli, got the kids out, got a cart. Got inside the store, kids pushing the cart together (very cute) and not even bumping into anyone. Get everything I need, kids try on some hats in the accessories dept. for a while. Woman working there chats with David and Sofia for a bit. We get some snacks, back to car, baby still sleeping. Mission accomplished. How much do I rock?

Then I start the car and realize I am still wearing my slippers.

Supermom I am not. Superdork? Absolutely.

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