Friday, April 06, 2007

First week at home

Well, here it is, my due date and I've got my little bundle here on my lap. Just on the outside. Can I just say how wonderful it feels to not be pregnant? Don't get me wrong, pregnancy can be great and having a little creature romp around in your guts is really interesting, but I think I much prefer this. I like the warmth of this little girl next to me, where I can see her and hold her and hear her breath going in and out, all the tiny squeaks and grunts she makes. Even the crying. Her loudest cry is still quieter than either David or Sofia trying to get my attention.

I'll save the whole birth story for another post, but there's not too much to go over anyway. Things didn't go as quickly as I thought they might this time, but things went much better overall and I feel so much better overall than I thought I would. The VBAC was successful and that was my biggest concern, and I had one of my midwives with me so that was also a relief. The hospital staff was all great. I don't think I've been asked, "Can I get you anything?" more times in my entire life. If I hadn't missed my kids and husband so much I wouldn't have ever wanted to leave.

So things at home are a bit more hectic than usual, but so far, so good. David is very interested in his new little sister and I think he has a special affinity for her because she looks so much like him. He's always coming over and patting her head or making baby talk around her. He gets concerned when he can't see where she is and will look around asking, "Where's Isobel?" as if we have mistakenly left her somewhere. Glad to report we haven't done that yet.

Sofia's reaction is pretty much what I thought it would be. She kind of watches her from a distance, covers her ears when she cries and asks some questions about her, but that's about it. She gives her a kiss now and then when she sees David doing it, but then she follows a lot of what David does anyway. She does like to bring me diapers and stuffed animals for the baby so that is very helpful and sweet.

And like her older brother and sister, Isobel does not like to be put down for more than a couple minutes, so luckily we've got all manner of wraps (Love the Moby, Lyss- THANKS!!) and front carriers and all kinds of baby-wearing devices within reach. Right now she's wrapped up like a burrito in my lap while I type. Thought it was time for her first blog session.

Oh, and one thing that this child can tolerate really well is noise. Lots of noise. Doesn't matter if the kids are shouting right next to her, she is not bothered in the least. In fact, I think she finds it soothing. Good thing.

Well, I'm going to go continue to relax (doctor's orders) and take it easy while I have some quiet time to myself. David and Sofia are out and about with Ernesto and I've got this big messy house all to myself. I am going to resist the very strong urge to go clean and instead go sit on my butt and eat in front of the tv. And for the first time in a while, no one will need to help pull me up off the couch. Hooray!!

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