Wednesday, April 11, 2007


So life should seem very different to me now, but oddly it does not. When we had David our world was knocked off its pleasantly spinning axis, left spiraling out of control somewhere in the cosmos. I didn't sleep for a year. I was like one of those ape mothers with her baby always wrapped around her midsection, clinging on for dear life. I had to rethink my world view on everything. Priorities were changed, living space was changed and many, many diapers were changed. Somehow we survived.

Then Sofia was born. David was only 20 months old, really still a babe himself. I had issues. Issues of guilt, (how dare I burden the poor child with a sibling!) issues of sleep (how to get two children down to nap at the same time??) and the issue of my baby daughter who would not allow another soul to hold her for more than two seconds without screaming. I was very, very tired.

But now when things should be trickier than ever...well, they're just not. Have I finally gotten this parenting thing down? Am I just having a good week and life as it truly is will manifest itself when I least expect it? Is it just because Sofia keeps telling me I look like a rock star and I smell like flowers?? Or am I still riding that euphoric post-delivery high and I will come crashing down any second now, only to have Ernesto find me huddled in a closet, dipping my chocolate Peter Rabbit's ears in peanut butter and crying softly to myself? Maybe, but really, I think I'm doing okay.

First off, Isobel is really mellow and boy, she likes to sleep. I mean, she really likes to sleep. I'm not going to say how much for fear of angering any new parents out there, but hey- I've done my time. I've done serious time. I've feared the night. And I think someone up there knew I was due a break.

So hey, this could all just be a pleasant dream, but I'm going to enjoy feeling great and being happy for as long as it lasts. Even if that's only a few more hours or days. I know it will be back sooner or later.

Oh, and it's not likely I'll be in a closet crying, but Ernesto will find me dipping those rabbit's ears in peanut butter. It's only a matter of time.

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