Thursday, March 29, 2007

Angry pregnant lady

Oops, I did it again.

I let my hormones get the better of me. I guess this is one of the few times in my life I can use that as an excuse, so maybe I shouldn't sweat it.

This time I yelled at an old lady. Well, she wasn't really that old, and I'm pretty certain with her car windows all rolled up she couldn't hear me anyway.

I was in the parking lot of our favorite grocery store with the kids and I'd just unloaded them for the minivan when a car comes zipping past us, mere feet from my daughter, making a speedy exit through the parking spaces, because you know, they're empty and it's not like anyone might pull in to park there and certainly no one could be standing there, certainly not a small child that you might not see over your silly oversized Ray-Bans and fluffy steering wheel cover.

So after grabbing Sofia out of harm's way and standing there all rattled, trying to compose myself, yet another car comes whizzing past us (not as close) through the same set of empty parking spaces. The woman even smiles at me. Like, "hey, howya doing? Don't mind if I plow your kids down, do ya? Besides, looks like you've got an extra on the way!"

Now I know. Lots of people do this. I see it all the time, people shaving a few seconds off their drive by taking some shortcuts through the lot. I think I am one of the few people who won't do this, because I am completely paranoid that I am not going to see someone coming and I'm going to crash them. And I don't want to crash anyone.

Anyway, I yelled at the second car as it went by and waved my arms about like I was bringing in a jet plane. I think I shouted something to the effect of, "You're NOT supposed to drive cut through the lot like that!!!" displaying the parking spaces like a disgruntled Vanna White. She kept on going, cutting through a few more before she was out of sight. I looked down at the kids who were staring at me as if to ask, "what did you do with our mommy?"

I guess the maternal instincts have gone into overdrive. I'd better have this kid soon or someone could end up hurt...or just very amused at the sight of an overly pregnant woman jumping about and flailing her arms.

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