Friday, December 01, 2006

Kingdom of the "Krack Butters"

My kids are big fans of the PBS show Zoboomafoo. In fact, it's one of the few that they can agree on to watch, which is great for me because they then are pretty much limited to that show and if they're going to watch anything, I'd like it to be pseudo-educational. Of course all kids' television has come a long way in that department. Remember when you were a kid, zoning out to the Looney Tunes shows? Let's what did we learn from those? That anvils are heavy? That you can cut off a limb and it will magically regenerate in the next scene? That if some TNT explodes in your face it will just get it dirty?

This morning they were trying to decide who was going to be which character from the show and inevitably I have to be one of the Kratt brothers, usually Martin because he's the one always falling in puddles of mud or slimy ponds. Sofia is either Zoboo or Jackie and David is either Chris or else he decides to be a "rescue hero" helping out. And this is happening at 7 AM sharp and I've still yet to take three sips of coffee. Our little kingdom is already in full swing.

"Okay," Sofia begins setting the rules for play. "You're Martin," (pointing to me) "you're Chris" (pointing to David who is dressed more for carpentry than playing with animals, with his low slung tool belt) "and I'm Jackie. So, you two are the Krack brothers."

David laughs, "No, Sofia, it's the 'Kratt brothers'!"
Sofia, getting flustered, "That's what I said, 'the KRACK brothers'!" but actually when she says it this time it comes out more like "Krack Butters", which of course David catches on to. He's laughing and shaking his head.

Ernesto pokes his head into the living room as he's getting dressed for work. "Did she say 'the Crack brothers'?"

Sofia, louder and face redder this time, hollers "KRACK BUTTERS!!" Poor kid. We know what she means, but we're all giggling now. Luckily she pays us no mind and goes right on playing her game. She's already planning which animals they will have come visit for the day.

So begins another day in the Burden household. Where wild animals hold court with Krack butters and toddlers alike. It's like a magical fairy kingdom and I am the queen, in my royal purple bathrobe, ruler of all I see.

It's good to be queen.

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