Monday, November 06, 2006

Go Daddy!

Go Daddy!
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We had a great weekend here in the brisk Northeast. On Saturday we headed off to Alyssa and Sandeep's home in Massachusetts, during which time we may have managed to postpone their plans to have a child just a little longer. Our kids didn't break anything, but someone did try to eat their calculator. I'm not going to point fingers but it was one of three redheads. Much more on this later. Anyway, after eating some delicious barbecue and making off with two very nice bookcases, we said adieu to our good friends with hopes to see them again before the snow flies.

On Sunday Ernesto ran in the annual Santa Fund Run 5k which is sponsored by his company and helps to bring great presents to less fortunate kids each Christmas season. I brought the kids down to see their dad race and we were all poised at the finish line, camera ready, and then David started swinging on some yellow ropes that made up the end of the race "corral" area where the runners walk to cool off and I spotted one of the officials giving him the hairy eyeball. I quickly go to David and tell him that he's not allowed to do that and begin to explain why, and how we need to keep an eye out for Daddy because he could be coming any second, and that's when I stand up and see Ernesto pass by us, already over the finish line in the corral. I let out a weak, "Yay, Honey!" and quickly snap this lame shot.

So we missed the big finish, but with his heart pounding in his ears, and the wind blurring his vision, he probably wouldn't have heard or seen us anyway. He was in "the zone", and finished with his fastest race time ever (22:37). The last time he raced it was six years ago and he was a whole minute faster on this run. Not bad for a guy who used to smoke two packs a day back when I first met him. See, I make people healthy.

We are very proud of you, sweetie! Next year we promise to be paying attention when you finish the race!

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