Thursday, July 13, 2006

Backyard Wars

No, not the kind with the woodchuck. I think all the recent rain may have flushed him away. Here are just a few pics from earlier this summer taken at our good friend Rick's house (Happy belated birthday!). His family was having a cook out complete with live music, courtesy of his son's friends. While they weren't rocking out, the guys were all sparring in the back yard with these homemade "soft" weapons, and while not lethal or particularly dangerous, you could hurt yourself running around chasing after each other with them, especially if you're as old as I am. I fought Ernesto briefly until I was out of breath. Sofia, ever mindful of what I'm up to, was making sure I wasn't really hurt. Someone's got to keep an eye on the old gal...

*In the photo where I'm lying down, trying to breathe, Sofia is trying to help me up and I discover as I grab her hand she's got some mashed up food in it from the cookout. Hence the face I'm making.

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