Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Oh, man. I was sort of kidding about the ambulance thing, but I may not have been far off.

My toe is still healing from the "bookcase incident", but somehow it left me with a bruised foot and swollen ankle, besides. I've been favoring it for the past few days, trying to keep the swelling down, but clearly, with all the effort to be careful with my right foot I have badly neglected the left.

All I did was walk into the bedroom with a diaper, getting ready to change Sofia who was easily about 3 hours past due for a fresh nappy, when I strode past the pine blanket chest, on which I accidentally caught my left foot, pinky toe. I whacked it good. I had no idea I was so close to the thing. I've walked by it dozens of times and never stubbed my toe on it once.

Well this was a bit more than a stubbing. I thought, "wow, that really hurts!", looked down and dropped the diaper, covering my mouth so as not to scream in front of my very impressionable children. My little toe was sticking out from my foot at a clean, 45 degree angle. Pardon me, but oh mother-puss bucket. It really, really hurt. Two glasses of wine and four ibuprofen later it still really, really hurts. David asked, since now neither of my feet work, if I would need a wheelchair. Hmmm. Maybe a Segway. Or at the very least a nice go-cart.

Will someone please save me from myself?

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