Monday, January 28, 2008

Extreme Makeover revealed in Manchester

If you remember this past fall, I got a glimpse of Ty Pennington as I was picking up drive-thru with the kids. Well, they built a new home for a fellow Manchester family and last night it was revealed on the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show. I don't normally watch the show but of course I couldn't resist watching this one, since these folks live mere minutes from here. Also, I nearly crashed my car on the highway, craning my neck to see the Christmas light display this 3-story home had this past season. Nearly the entire home was outlined in white lights. Pretty cool.

Anyway, I was struck by how long this show was and how much crying goes on in it. Understandable, of course, considering the circumstances. I would be crying all the time if I lost my home to a flood or any other disaster, and crying even more if someone came to build me a new one.

During the show, one of the designer's brought up a good point about communities. He essentially said we are all responsible for making sure that the people we share our town with are taken care of, that we all do something to help out. This came more sharply into focus when a local news story covering the makeover pointed out that the local city food bank had been asked for donations for the people working on the house to which the food bank workers essentially replied that their supplies were depleted enough as it was. Even so, I do believe they still made a contribution. Made me think we need to be doing a little more here in town to help out on a regular basis.

Cool to finally see the interior of the finished home. Very neat, indeed. I don't know why that designer was so worked up about getting those circles on the ceiling in the family room. Whose going to have to dust those blasted things??

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