Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thank you to the bagger lady

Dear Bagger lady at the Stop & Shop:

Thank you for bringing out my groceries to my car last week. I didn't particularly need your help, but you were very insistent that I had my "hands full" and needed some help, so far be it from me to keep you from doing your duty. Aside from the fact that my kids were probably on their absolute best behavior at the grocery store ever, I still appreciate not having to haul that heavily laden cart out to the lot, especially since I was carrying a sleeping infant on my chest. In fact, I kind of enjoyed having you bring them out for me and sort of even wished someone would do that every time I went. I think I am well over my "I can do everything by myself and don't need anyone's help, ever" attitude. So again, thank you for your help.

Oh, and I'll be coming back tomorrow and this time, if you could please put the groceries in my car, that would be great. See? I told you I was over that whole not accepting help thing.

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