Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blink and you'll miss something

Momma gets a smile
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Isobel rolled over for the first time today. I was running up the stairs to answer the phone when I glimpsed her out of the corner of my eye on her play mat and there she was, rolling onto her belly. I had been in the kitchen with David getting him some applesauce and I heard Isobel grunt several times in a row. I thought perhaps she was working on a "number" as we like to call it. Turns out she was trying her roll herself over, probably so she could make her way into the kitchen and finally get some attention from me. But really, I hadn't been away for more than a minute and then as I'm up on the staircase I nearly miss her reach that milestone because I'm in such a hurry. Of course she then proceeded to do it about a half dozen more times and then tried to roll herself right off the changing table later in the day. Apparently she has somewhere to go, some people to meet. Who knows.

Anyway, it is blowing my mind how quickly she is growing and changing and her big brother and sister right along with her. There are times when their babyhood seems to drag on forever and then there are days like this that remind me how very fleeting it really is.

Here we are hanging out in the back yard a couple weeks ago. Already she looks different, but I'm happy to say the smile has not changed a bit.

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