Monday, July 16, 2007

Farewell my flippy friends

Apparently flip flops are all the rage in fashion footwear. I am about the last person in the world to be trendy, so I was surprised to learn today while skimming this article that I share a fondness for the simple, slip-on, no fuss flip flop style footwear with the fashion elite. Honestly, I bought them because they were about four bucks at Target and my sandals from last year had finally fallen apart, leaving me with no summer footwear.

I love the flip flops. Once you get used to that strap between your first two toes, they feel really comfy. And they're so easy to get on and off, perfect for that sensation of summer ease, like I'm vacation or something, which of course I never am. They're great, though. Cheap, carefree and they make a cute little sound when I walk.

Well, they're also a pain in my back. And my foot. And now my toes are numb, too. I thought I had the beginning symptoms of some awful disease, but it may just be that I'm wearing the damn things too much. And I do. I wear them everyday, just about all day long. And yes, I should know better. But I didn't think they would cause me any problems. Then a couple weekends ago we were out at my sister-in-law's, and Cat and I got into a conversation about our issues with back pain. During the discussion I looked down and noticed that we were both wearing flip flops.

"I wonder if these having anything to do with it?" I said.
She shrugged, "Maybe?"

Well, it's just a hunch, but I bet a little more arch support might indeed help the problem. Part of it of course maybe that I'm lifting and carrying an infant who gets a little heavier everyday and I'm not always bending with my knees.

So now I've got to take a break from these and wear something entirely unfashionable like, say, my running shoes. Not only are they old and dirty, they don't smell particularly good either. Oh, I was sooo close to being a fashion icon. No really, I was! Okay, I was sooo close to actually following a trend through to its end. Whatever. At least now I won't feel compelled to paint my toenails.

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