Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Secret Lives Of Armadillos

Conversation with Sofia last night as she helped me clean up after dinner:

"Thanks for helping me wash the dishes, Sof. It's a big help to mommy."
"Oh sure, sure. You're welcome." She scrubs the bottom of a pan more vigorously.
"I love having help. Who wouldn't, right?"
"Oh sure! And armadillos like lots of help."
"Yes. They need help with the sponges and the water. They need help with getting alllll cleaned up with da water and da soap." She then appears to be holding the pan like an armadillo, if you can imagine that.
"I didn't know they took baths like that."
"Oh yes! The need all kinds of help and then their little friends get them all cleaned up with the sponge and water and..." and then she begins mumbling something about them going down the path and falling down a hill, but I really can't be sure because she is intently cleaning the pan and has gone into some dishwashing trance. I am all too familiar with that.
"Are we still talking about armadillos?"
"Oh yes. Yes, we are." She smiles and begins dousing herself with the sink sprayer, laughing delightedly.
If only I could enjoy housework as much as she does.

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