Sunday, May 28, 2006

Near Perfect Day

We took a trip over to Bear Brook State Park yesterday and had a fantastic time. We thought because of the holiday weekend it might be crazy crowded, but there weren't many people around. We plopped ourselves near the little beach and the kids played on swings, slides, in the water, did a little fishing (David caught two fish while poor Daddy got skunked) and we even got to watch a family of ducks looking for food along the shore. Sofia was just about in heaven. If it weren't for the mosquitoes, it would have been absolutely perfect. We grilled out and had some angus tenderloin tips with marinated veggies. The fresh air and running around jump started the kids' appetites. Sofia didn't bother with the bits of steak I had cut up for her- she just grabbed a hunk of meat and treated it like a chicken tender. Really, who needs forks?

All I can say is we need more three-day weekends...

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