Monday, May 15, 2006

Raindrops, Gutters and Ball Pits...Oh My

Our state has been hit hard with rain and many towns are experiencing flooding in the streets, homes and businesses. It has rained for many, many days. I think total accumulation is upwards of 10 inches. So far the new house is holding up, so we are counting our blessings. The pansies I planted out front however, are feeling the brutal effects of no gutters along the roof line above them. I noticed this when I planted them and placed them in such a way as to protect them from any direct hits from cascading rain water, but this has been too much rain, gutters or no, and they look beaten down, poor little things.

The kids I'm feeling badly for, too, but in a different way. They are a little wound up from not being able to play outside. I am a little wound up, myself and while I'm happy to not have to be watering the grass twice a day any more, (I'm fairly certain I will not need to water again for the remainder of the season) I could stand to get outside and feel some sunshine again. I'm directing my energy toward another painting project, so I have an outlet, but the kids just need to get out and run around a bit or they go nutty. Ernesto's mom sent Sofia out an early birthday present and just in time, too. It's one of those inflatable bouncers that's shaped like a castle with all the plastic balls that you can jump into. She gave us the go-ahead to get it set up early so that the kids could get some exercise and have a little fun. We put it in the rec room in the basement and Ernesto couldn't get the thing blown up fast enough. They were jumping all over it before he even got the bottom half inflated. They were dinging each other off the head with those colorful, plastic balls in no time and so... the day was saved.

And now we've got a raft in case the rain doesn't stop. Gracias, Abue!

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