Sunday, April 09, 2006


With home ownership come the many, many projects and this time of year usually finds us starting (and hopefully, finishing) a few around-the-house related tasks. Since for once we don't have a house that needs a lot of interior refinishing (no more drywalling for us!) we can turn our attention to the great outdoors. We don't have nearly the acreage we used to and that's just fine with us. We liked picking berries and watching the deer make their way over the hill, but mowing and raking and more mowing and raking made us kind of grumpy. The gophers didn't help, either. I'm happy to have our little patch of land in our little city neighborhood. And you know what else I love? Mulch! Especially if it means I don't have to look at bare patches of dirt amongst my leaves of grass. It smells good, it doesn't stain your clothes and the kids think it's another toy. We got a big 'ol delivery of Kid Kushion this weekend and made our own private playground in the backyard. The best part was the truck, dumping it out in the yard. The kids thought that was great. I found raking it out very satisfying, for about five minutes. And then I let big, tough Daddy man finish the job. Here's the finished product. Notice now we need to lay down more grass seed. Guess what? Already done. Ta-Dah!

Watch out grubs- you're next on the list. Scram, or I'll sic the giant red crab on you.

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