Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What Are You Looking For?

I couldn't think of anything to blog about today that wasn't potentially embarrassing to myself or to my children, (when they later grow up and are horrified by what I've written) so I thought I'd embarrass some people who I don't know, but who probably won't ever be back to my blog and will therefore not be embarrassed, anyway.

Some of the traffic I get to my blog is from family and friends. Some is from some other bloggers I follow and who follow me. Then a big ol' chunk of it is from people Googling for stuff. Weird stuff. I get people looking for "Sportacus" quite a bit (why did I have to write about him?) which is understandable, I guess. Then I get people looking for "milkweed" and so, well, they're bound to end up here at some point. Once in a while I see my own name googled, which is a little disturbing as I wonder who from my past is looking me up and not bothering to leave a comment. And there's the uncommon stuff. Stuff that people want to find and my blog is randomly selected because of a few key words that they have strung together. Sometimes they're really funny and I should begin keeping track of them, just for chuckles. Here are a few examples from this past week:

"tuner transformation Kristen" (???)
"method of breaking in a car going up hill and down hill"
"milkweed beatles" (note the spelling. Not sure if that was intentional or not.)
"toddler eye sores" (either very ugly little children or infections. Not sure.)
"drooling cow photo"(no, but I do have some drooling cat photos somewhere.)
"skating costumes hideous" (well that shouldn't be hard to find.)
"giraffe with poop" (a mom's blog is bound to have lots of poop, but sorry, no giraffes. Oh, and by the way...EEWWW!!)

If you get a chance, please share some of your favorite random keyword activity with me. I know there's a story there, somewhere.

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