Friday, January 20, 2006

Where Have All The Sippy Cups Gone?

Sippy cup, sippy cup,
your cheerful plastic facade
belies your true nature.

This game of cat and mouse must cease,
for I am weary and out of money.
Must I tether you to my children's wrists?
Is your existence so bleak you must cloak yourself
in webs of dust beneath my bed, to remain a lonely, empty vessel,
devoid of all but a trace of Juicy Juice?

Why do you torment me so?
Have I not bathed you in the finest, soapiest dishpans?
Have I not poured within you the choicest and most delicate of potables?
Why must you roll yourself away into the shadows, forcing me to search,
endlessly, hopelessly?

Some day I shall find you and you will want to be cleaned,
but I will not wipe the curdled milk chunks from your plastic spout.
I will leave you to your choice- to the destiny you've carved for yourself.

You have spurned me for the last time, Sippy.
I am a slave to your "spill-proof" convenience no longer.

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